This is a blog about Russian language, culture, etc. I herein explore various interesting and otherwise Russian words and phrases within the cultural context. I also teach Russian online and make translations, about which you can read on the pages linked above in the menu. You can see examples of my translations on my  other page.

From the introductory post:

As the blog title states, русский лад is “(the) Russian manner,” though there are other ways it could be translated, for instance, Russian harmony. But the question is why I chose such a title for this blog and what it’s all about. Basically I will be exploring the Russian language through interesting expressions or words and sometimes tying culture and other aspects of things Slavic in as well. And русский лад is one such expressions that, to me, is an endearing expression that draws forth some sort of sentiment or emotion or nostalgia of the Russian “way” or “lifestyle/tradition.” There’s another way of, in some sense, expressing this: “по-русски,” which is generally translated “in Russian” (as in the phrase: я говорю по-русски (I speak (in the) Russian (language)), but is just as well translated, and in certain cases more appropriately translated as “according to the Russian way” or “in a Russian manner.” But I’ve chosen русский лад for the above sentimental/cultural reasons.

(The Russian “Manor” in the header is in the country outside of Yaroslavl, Russia.)